14 Best Story Writing Platforms In 2021

By Muhamma Umar | May 25, 2021 | Comments Off on 14 Best Story Writing Platforms In 2021
best story writing platforms

With the growth of technology and an improvement in e-zine publications, posting your short stories digitally is a great way to gain publicity and trust as a writer. We also recommend new writers to keep writing on an old-fashioned pen and paper. There’s something unique about the old-fashioned method that fits. If it succeeded for […]

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Email Marketing and Benefits of Email Marketing

By Muhamma Umar | May 24, 2021 | Comments Off on Email Marketing and Benefits of Email Marketing
email marketing and benefits of email marketing

Emails are one of the best sources for viewers and to increase sales for your online business. It is the best strategy for targeting your desired customer. Well, we are here to tell you how much Email marketing is essential for your business and what are the benefits of Email marketing. What is Email marketing? […]

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What Is a Clubhouse? Getting Started With Clubhouse App

By Muhamma Umar | May 24, 2021 | Comments Off on What Is a Clubhouse? Getting Started With Clubhouse App
what is clubhouse

You may have heard of Clubhouse by now, but you’re unlikely to have entered Clubhouse. That’s because the modern social media site has, in part, built its credibility on exclusivity. You’ve got to secure a call to get in, but that may change soon. Here’s exactly what you need to hear about Clubhouse in case […]

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Best Email Marketing Service For Small Business

By Muhamma Umar | May 19, 2021 | Comments Off on Best Email Marketing Service For Small Business
best email marketing service for small business

Are you looking for the right email marketing service providers for your business? Choosing the appropriate email marketing service will significantly influence your marketing campaign performance. In this article, we will analyze and evaluate the best small business email marketing services that will help you grow your sales. Why Email Marketing Service? Email marketing for […]

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10 Best Tips to do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

By Muhamma Umar | April 5, 2021 | Comments Off on 10 Best Tips to do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website
how to do affiliate marketing without a website

Do you want to know how to do affiliate marketing without a website? As creating a website can be time-consuming and costly. That’s so many affiliate marketers are searching for ways to skip this move. Besides that, if you think about it, affiliate marketing without a website may seem complicated, if not impossible. Today, we […]

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How to Build a Website From Scratch – 7 Best Ways For Creation

By Muhamma Umar | April 1, 2021 | Comments Off on How to Build a Website From Scratch – 7 Best Ways For Creation
how to build a website from scratch

Do you want to build a website from scratch? In 2021, anyone can create and design a website without understanding anything about web creation, architecture, or coding. If you want to build a website for yourself or your company, you can do that effectively by using the necessary tools and resources. Today, we are going […]

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What are the Best Story Writing Platforms?

1) Wattpad

One of the largest online story libraries mainly focused on teens. The contents here are mainly novel. Since the scale of the audience is so high, the feedback amount is hit or missed. It's certainly possible to create a broad and significant audience here, as there are many "stars" on the web who have massive followers with millions of readings.

The main concern people have about Wattpad is that it always has poorly written content surfaces. It's also hard to notice, too, because the web is so huge, and so many writers are seeking attention.


2) Medium

Medium is a platform where you can post any form of writing. They appear to prefer nonfiction and fiction, but fiction still has its place. There are a few publications within the medium and sub community sectors if you look where there are strong fictional cultures.

While these groups are quite small, they are quite active and of high quality, so the quality of input is still quite high. If you write life hack-style posts, you probably won't create a massive following on Medium, but you might get some pretty good advice. People on the Medium are usually very smart.

3) Analog

Are you a science enthusiast who enjoys the convincing image of science fiction stories? If you do, then you have a chance to publish your creative science universe. Analog is a leading science fiction publication that publishes some of the finest science fiction stories that work on an accurate scientific basis. It also publishes fact-finding papers in leading scientific studies.

Analog shall write papers based on merit. It's looking for competent and practical science stories. You can also present an illustration with your work as most writers do, but the illustration should be visually pleasing and relevant to your tale.

4) Carve

Carve Magazine only accepts short stories, non-fiction, and poetry throughout the year and publishes them on their website or on their print and digital magazines. The magazine is looking for prose and poetry that is unique and has an emotional depth to it.

There is no set time for submission, so you can submit your work easily online or by mail.
The word cap for fiction and nonfiction is a maximum of 10000, not a minimum, and a maximum of 2000 for poetry.

Carve only seeks literary fiction, and therefore does not publish genres such as horror, mystery, fantasy, etc.


5) SmashWords

An e-publishing site for main novels, while short stories and collections are also welcome. Romance appears to be by far the most successful genre and most of the stories are sold at a discount. If you're trying to sell your book and don't like Amazon, that's a very good choice. You can post for free, too.

There are really simple filters for free and genre filtering, but free books still get a good exposure. According to their figures, there are over half a million books on Smashwords, 80k of which are free.

6) Tumblr

Although not just a writing platform, fiction, and relatable fiction posts are still flourishing. The best chance here is that Tumblr posts always go viral, not only on Tumblr but around the internet. Tumblr is a center of culture you can tap into. If people like it, they can post it again and get it in front of more people. Fandoms have a big part to play on Tumblr, so if you have a fanfiction piece and use the right tags, the posts will take off.

Tags are very relevant, so do some research on the right tags to use to make sure that you optimize your exposure for the Tumblr audience.

7) WritersCafe

It's quite an old-fashioned place, but still around! Loaded with enjoyable writing competitions, there are a lot of readers and authors on the web who still use it. People usually exchange short stories, poems, fairy tales, and more on-site. Its specialty is that it also has a range of tools, from writing courses to competitions.

8) The Young Writer Society

Built especially for young authors and featuring several short stories. They have a semi-active forum where people can work together and exchange ideas. The platform has several novels and poetry published in the fantasy and teen fiction genres. This site is very teen-focused and still has a fairly active community, although it doesn't seem like the actual site itself has seen a lot of updates as of late.

The forums are the most fascinating aspect of the web. People exchange advice and address topics related to writing and publishing.

As a new writer, we recommend that you visit this website to get some unique ideas to write attractive and engaging content that you can easily get your audience's attention from.

9) Commaful

One of the most supportive writing groups. People are very active, polite, and very engaging. The web is mainly for teens but certainly spanning a wide spectrum where I've seen stories from teachers, academics, editors, and even best-selling writers.

Commaful's posting style is a little different from conventional writing, so if you're only trying to copy and paste a novel on the web, it's probably not the best place for you. Quick stories are the best thing for this web (or if you just want to test novel ideas and not write out the full story).

The platform is smaller than Wattpad, but the group is very involved, and many readers and writers enjoy its new storytelling style.


10) AGNI

Agni is a literary magazine that publishes essays and poetry. The organization allows any aspiring writer or literary enthusiast to publish their writing in the magazine to be paid for the articles accordingly. Agni usually accepts documents between 1st September and 31st May.

You can submit your manuscript to them by mail or electronically. There is no word limit for your essays, but the length of the essay affects the decision to publish the essay.

You can apply for your work, but you can only present one story at a time and five poems at a time. Your writing may not have been published before or featured anywhere. The text must be double-spaced with the page numbered.

11) Fan Story

This platform has some cash prizes for its contests and many short story competitions. There are several competitions featuring poetry, flash fiction, and more. The platform has a live ranking and regular writing challenges to keep things interesting.

This old school site from the early 2000s is still around and has a very active group. However, many of the features and prizes require payment, so it's not just free cash. The platform seems to be growing very slowly, but it still has a decent user base for people trying to create an audience.

fan story

12) Booksie

The Booksie website is quite old school from a design perspective, but it still relates to really talented writers on the site. This site has hundreds of short stories, poems, and novels across a variety of genres and topics. They also motivate writers by arranging small contests and tools to support all the writers.

It seems to be concentrating on the perspective of self-publishing. The group seems to be less active, as many stories don't get read, and there are very few responses to those who get read. It's obvious, though, that there's some good talent out here.

13) Quotev

Quotev is a very teen-oriented platform that is full of fun quizzes, short stories, fantasy, and more. This site has a friendly atmosphere where you can certainly get fans. Getting feedback is a little harder since many of the young readers aren't the best to offer actionable feedback that you can use.

If you're writing to a young adult audience and just want to see if people like it, this could be the place for you.


14) Archive of Our Own

If you're writing fanfiction (like stories that use characters from movies or TV shows), this is the place to be. This group is incredibly popular with millions of readers and authors. Feedback is hit or missed, but there are certainly some experienced readers, even editors, who read through and offer great advice.

If you've never been to the fanfiction site before, walk with confidence. There are some mature and violent themes floating around, so if you're not prepared for that you will probably get caught off guard.


The industry has changed, but there are still numerous blogs that serve as a platform for people to express their thoughts, opinions, and emotions. If your passion is business, personal finance, cooking, politics, photography, or marketing, blogging gives you the ability to interact and network with like-minded individuals who share the same interests.

If you're someone who likes to teach, starting a blog will provide a chance to inform people who are interested in your area of expertise. The best part is that, as you create tools on your blog to educate others, you can realize that you have a chance to monetize your blog by creating online educational products or services.

Do you want to perform creative writing activities daily? Did it encourage you to write for your organization? If so, what kind of benefits have you had? Please share with us in the comments section below.